Our firm provides financial services to both individuals and businesses. We give the same attention to all clients, no matter how large or small. The bookkeeping, tax preparation, Payroll, Immigration services, Notary Services and other financial services provided are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring the best results. Our business remains on the cutting edge of tax law and financial trends. We are well-informed and continually adapt to the ever-changing world of tax law.




AP Tax and Multiservices LLC is a financial institution where we help our clients plan, manage and accurately complete their taxes, Payroll and Bookkeeping. Our major purpose is to help individuals increase in wealth and achieve their financial aims. We provide experts who will assess the needs of every individual client and help them make decisions pertaining to their financial investments, wills, insurance, tax and so on. To enjoy our services or make further inquiries, please visit us in the local area or contact us through our booking form.